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The idea of Fast & Furriest was born in 2021 when friends started to reach out to Twist to run their dogs. Some of her running friends also started running with their own pups. As a result, Twist realized that there was a market for a K9 fitness service, specifically running. In early 2022, Twist decided to take the leap and commit to starting up Fast & Furriest. She relocated to St. Petersburg, Florida and started it up there because of the beautiful weather and how dog-friendly the city is.

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Twist grew up all over the world as a Navy brat, but she calls San Diego home. She headed out to Oklahoma in 2014 to compete as a Division-1 rower at the University of Oklahoma. While at the University of Oklahoma, she double-majored in Health & Exercise Science and Psychology. She adopted her dog, Maverick, in 2017 from a local animal shelter and he quickly became her favorite running partner. It was rare to see Twist run without Maverick tethered to her. Twist’s passion for fitness and dogs lead to the creation of Fast & Furriest.

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As soon as Twist started to walk, she took her dogs with her everywhere. Over 25 years later and nothing has changed.

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